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SYNC – Acrygel – Tube White

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Acrygel Sync is a versatile system that includes the best properties of both gel and acrylic. No heat build-up during curing. This gives you the opportunity to work indefinitely. The product is easy to file. No foul odor.
For best results, use our Acrygel Sync with Ink London's Sync Liquid. Application: Prepare the natural nail with the pre nail prep dehydrator. Apply a thin layer of Bond007 and let it air dry. Optionally you can apply a thin layer of Flubber on flexible and weak nails. Apply the correct amount of Acrygel to the nail plate. Moisten your brush with the Sync Liquid and model the product to the desired shape and bulge. If you are satisfied, it can be cured for 120 seconds. For a very thin application, 60 seconds is sufficient. Remove the adhesive layer with the Ink Cleaner. File your nail before applying the color. Apply an Ink Topcoat and cure it for 60 seconds. All Ink topcoats are suitable for this product.

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